Someone please help me!!!! I'm freaking out right now cause I didnt get my period yet. I had unprotected sex for the first time, yes I know how stupid of me. Well we had sex on the 4th of may. I was gonna have an orgasm until he pulled out all of sudden. He cumed and wiped his penis with a tissue. Then we started making out and he laid me down then pulled out again and we stopped.I didn't think about it till later that I could get pregnant even though he didn't cum in me. But the possibility of precum scared me so on the 6th i took plan b and waited. 5days later I got bleeding that seemed like my period but lighter. And on the info booklet said that if I experience bleeding it worked. I have irregular periods and I don't know when they I thought I was alright till I didn't get my in's now July and I'm seriously freaking out I'm too young to have a baby and i don't want to dissapoint my parents!!!!please! Someone help me me.I'm so scared right.