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So, I have been told that I have tourettes in my sleep; like i roll over and what seems randomly let out a string of profanitys... I do not know that i do this, i find out the next morning that it happened. I feel bad that im doing this to my sister or friends. Is this tourettes?

Also, during the day i will randomly have 'tics' as you may have it. My head or random muscles in my cheek or sometimes my toes or legs(not ruling out rls) will i'd say spasm... ? I have read that some ppl say they are thinking about specific memorys at the time but i dont... its just very random... it really really bugs me alot. is this tourettes?


Well that's a definite possiblity. In my experience with tourettes syndrome, which is limited, the people who say things don't notice they say them and if asked about it deny even doing it. The case I've dealt with most the person repeats what they say softly under their breath with no recolection of doing so. If that sounds kinda like you then i would say it's likely. Also RLS is a made up illness in my personal opinion. It's as misdiagnosed as bi polar or ADHD.