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how does a person know if they have turrets syndrome and where can they find help for it?


Well, someone is considered to have tourettes syndrome when they suffer from motor or/and vocal tics for at least 12 months. Uncontrollable movements are defined as motor tics and vocal disruptions by vocal tics. These vocal tics can be also followed by swearing or calling names (for example racial). 12 months are taken as a boarder because there are also tics that are called transient, which appear and then after some time disappear.

About who to turn to…well, any MD should be able to diagnose it. Also, pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologist, geneticists, psychologists and mental health therapists.

It is usually found in children or teenagers. Do you think you may have it?


I think I have something wrong with me. I have had these tics for many years now and they seem to be getting worse. What should I do?


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Can you explain what kind of tics you’re experiencing? When do they usually happen? Can you control them?

Finding a right doctor who has an experience in Tourettes is actually very hard. Like Miia said above, any MD and neurologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, developmental pediatricians, and psychologists should be able to diagnose it but not so many of them have the skills in dealing with Tourette’s. Some people may have more luck with neurologists while others can run into psychiatrists who know how to treat Tourett’s.

You may even try to find a movement disorder specialists but it wouldn’t be so wise to be treated with a doctor who doesn’t have much experience in Tourette’s. This can be just a waist of time for you. You should ask questions about doctors who are known to have experience and success.

If you chose a doctor who is teaching and has residents in his group, you may very well decide to see one of the residents, which means you will be probably under the main doctor’s surveillance.
The goal of treating Tourettes syndrome is not to eliminate the tics because there is no cure for this disorder. However, it is manageable to suppress tics and learn a person with the disorder to cope with their tics and function like any other individual.
When was the first time you developed tics? How old were you then?


I saw a string in this forum about tourette's disorder. For the past 2 years I have wondered if I have this disorder. Possible someone can let me know if these symptoms relate to it:

-involuntary body movements (head jerking)
-mostly obscenities, but also non obscene phrases
-usually what triggers is thinking about previous occasions where something didn't feel comfortable, but not limited to that. Sometimes obscenities are said for no reason.

I do not say obscenities in my day to day speech, that's why this is a little alarming to me. Also, I do have stresses that I deal with as an entrepreneur.

When I try to work on this, I can suppress the vocal part of my problems, but I can't seem to avoid the involuntary head movements.

Are these indeed symptoms of tourette's or could this just be some other personal issue that I have? I appreciate your comments![/list]


Personally, I think it is some sort of personal issue because I have it too. I actually thought I was the only one who had that weird moments when I would think of something embarrassing that happened for example two years ago or whenever. I don’t say obscenities, I hum or say something stupid that I am not aware of, it just happens, then I laugh at myself. I was always thinking about this as personal insecurity about the moments that I think I turned out to be funny or silly.

How often does it happen to you? It doesn’t happen to me in public, it happens when I am alone and it last for a second or so. I also have those movements but they started appearing when I was smoking marijuana when I was younger and when I was having small paranoid attacks. I think I carry those movements since that time.

I don’t think this is Tourette’s, at least not in my case. Tourettes are involuntary movements that happen without a cause and to be diagnosed as tourette’s, they need to start happening almost every day for a year (I think).


This happens to me on a daily basis.

I have the same problem where I will grunt or say something weird (at times with obscenties). It was a bit humurous at first, but it's been concerning me the past several months.

I don't normally do this in public, but it will translate to head movements if I don't say anything out loud.

I'm actually scheduled to discuss this with my doctor. If I find anything that is usefule, I will update this forum.


Well, if it happens every day, then you should definitely see a doctor.

Please, let me know what s/he said! I hear it is really hard to find a doc who specialized in turretts and that although any doc should be able to diagnose it, not every would be able to treat it.

I would love to hear from you!

Take care


One question if you have turrets and you dont know any swear words do you still yell them out?


Even three-year olds can swear!


i have turrets and would love some help i want to be a normal kid


did any one see ophra??

any knowinglly or unknowinly grunts or movemnets is tourrets....
the kids on tat show no tey are doing it and usually comes form somethingthey think about...that triigers it,,any humming grunnting or jerck movmetnts is touutreets,,,i have 2 kids in family with it//


i have had TS since i was about 10. symptoms have been slowly getting worse, although at times they appear as if they are completly gone for a month or two, then they come back. i am now 20 and living at college. as far as tics i normally just blink, most of the time my left eye only, and wiggle my nose too. from the time i first started doing tics, i went from winking, blinking, clearing my throat, shaking my head slightly, opening my jaw, and a few others. it really makes me angry when in movies or tv a "Turrets joke" is used, and most of my friends laugh, thinking i do not have this. turrets is streotyped by the few extreme cases in which obscenetities are yelled out, most of the time occuring loudly in highly inappropriate places and times. although even i at times think this is funny, i dont think its right for people to think having 'turrets' means you are the wierdest freak out there on the planet.

most of the time i live a normal life with my beautiful girlfriend who fully understands what is happning with me, my friends (none of which have this problem) who accept me for the personality that i have and not for the facial expressions i may do, and my loving family who see my TS as part of me insted of something thats wrong with me.

i cant lie, i wish i never had this.... at parties or in class or in the halls i may see people talk about it, and sometimes show their friends what i do (the blinking), and i have to say its the most crushing feeling ever.

for those who are reading this who have TS, i would like to know any solutions they have come up with. i plan on seeing a doctor soon, but i have google'd around to find out that there is no miricle cure for this. i am fully aware that there is no way to stop it, so i am asking anyone with TS if there are tips on how to control it.

i have a feeling it has to do with controling levels of stress, which is something that is hard for a college student to deal with as i am in my sophomore year and final exams are approaching :-(
i also think it has to do with diet and excersise

i also find it odd that when consulting a doctor or even talking about it, my tics seem to dissappear for the time being, as if they were scared to be shone to someone that may be able to help, as they are right now......

this may sound strange, but if any people with TS could give me alternative tics that i may do besides facial tics, which areat times the most obvious and disturbing of my daily life, i would be greatful.

thanks in advance to anyone who can provide with some good comments and feedback, and perhaps some advice on what i should do......


:'( my parents think that i have turrets syndrome because my eyes, arms, legs, and pretty much my whole body twiches. :'( i also i smack my head and go doh(probably has nothing to do with it though), and i argue so much without control, i even argue about arguing!!( dad," stop argueing, me, " im not arguing!) sometimes repeat myself and i always shake my head all the time. Is this turrets? :'( :'( :'(


I have a 6 year old grandson that was taking into care 2 years ago. He si not blood to me but is still mine as far as I am consurn. I was told by his mother that they said that he had terretts. they had put him on some kind of med for ADD and ADHD. He was find and in good health before the took him into care they also have his older bother on the same thing. It starts with a C, If I herad the name I would know it. the youngest child who is mine buy Blood in not on any of the meds they say he is fine. But
I was wondering if Turretts is something that one would inhairet. if thats what he does have. and what would it be brot on from if not. Could the meds be doing this to him or maybe the shock of being taken into care. at the age of 5 away from his brothers and parents. Because the CAS did seperate them. Please if you could help me understand. I woud like to here from someone out there.
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