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I am 28 years old and my partner is 25 we both want kids but not right now but we aren't using protection. I have kids and he has none. I think he wants a baby but says he doesn't even though he talks about baby names and how he likes kids, and I want another also. I was most fertile on the 7th of January and we had intercourse in the early morn of the 5th/6th and then the 7th. Even though he pulled out (and I was on top the first time and bottom the second) I find  that I'm leaking. Also could I get pregnant...i know this may seem like a redundant question seeing as I have kids already but I never knew about ovulation and timing of conception until my third child. 


Actully you might be pregnant right now! You had unprotected sex on your most fertile of days. It doesn't matter if you are on top or laying down - or standing up. As it is the placement of the penis that matters - the closer to the cervix the better WITH ejaculation - this helps the sperm immensely, without they have a harder time of it, but definitely still get the job done. So you might just get what you want pretty soon. Just a pointer, IF he's not ready, he's NOT ready! BUT on the other hand, IF he is saying he's not ready, but has NO problem not using protection, then he's playing Russian Roulette and eventually WILL get burned. Hope this helps - I would start taking prenatal vitamins just incase!