Hi, i'm 17 years old and so is my gf. The thing that we don't understand is the last day she took birth control was Thursday, Friday we didn't do anything, Saturday night we had sex but I pulled out, Sunday we had unprotected sex twice and both times I cummed inside of her. She started her last period July 11th and normally starts around the same date every month. Today (Monday, August 11) is when she is supposed to start according to her normal cycle. She has said that she experiences cramping up to 2-3 days before her Period begins and she has not experienced any cramping. The tricky part of it all is Today she has started to spot bleed. At first she said it was a light color mixed with a gooey substance which I assume could be leftover semen or some bodily substance from her but then she said it's becoming much darker. My questions are, was it too late in her cycle for her to be pregnant? Could this be implantation bleeding so soon? Could this just be bleeding from abrasion during sexual intercourse? and could she possibly be having a miscarriage so soon? She is taking a test tomorrow but any knowledgeable answer tonight would be GREATLY appreciated as I would like to get some sleep tonight. Thanks in advance! :-)