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I stopped taking my pill thursday march 12 we had sex an came inside me, we have been having sex almost everyday this week...yesterday morning i was bleeding a little bit. didnt think much of it, then today i was bleedin a little bit, but when i was sitting in class today, i felt bad cramps, went to the bathroom an i was bleeding a lot..its kinda off an on. is this a period, implantation bleeding, or is it because im coming off the pill. i took a test today it said negatived, is it too soon to tell an should i wait??


Sounds like a period.
My girlfriend tends to get them that way a lot. She's irregular for one. But besides that fact, when her flow starts... It's on-off like that as well. And implantation bleeding is more pink in color. Not really red.

Really, as far as your test goes... Is your period suppose to be on time? Is now that time? If so, taking a test now would be advisable.