My period started last week wednesday. It came about a week earlier, but it started on the 4th to the last birth control pill. It last as normally as any other period and ended on sunday followed by the common dark brown associated with the end of my period. well the day after, it became a light brown discharge (almost a tan color). This has NEVER happened to me. Also the discharge has specs of uterus it looks likes in it. It has been occuring for about two to three days now, and I am a bit concerned as this is quite unusual for me.

Also, to note, the last time I had intercourse was the weekend prior to last wednesday. I have read many forums, but no one has asked in particular this form. My menstrual cycle had uterus present in it (i observe these things quite often...) as usual. I wore a tampon for two days, particularly on friday I had it in for over 12hrs. (i know your not supposed to have it in no more than 8) Usually I only use a tampon for one day and then I just use a pad. Could this just be the uterus that did not have a change to release itself? Im confused and DEFINITELY dont want to hear the the alternate conclusion of pregnancy...even though it is a result of engaging in intercourse.