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Hello readers

About 2 months ago, I have been feeling weird feelings around my tummy/stomach, as if something is flicking the inside of my stomach, I can feel my pulse EVERYWHERE!, tightness and a lot of pregnacy feelings llike, tender breasts, afternoon sicknes, major appetite, urinating 1-5 daily, pooing up to 2 times a day. I decided to have a pregnacy test... negitive another negitive.. then BAM positive? umm. okay. So i went for a blood test and NEGITIVE!. DAMN :(

But still all the very same symtoms till this day.
My tummy is very perky. firm and expanding, although i have been having some spottage daily for the past 3 days, nothing like a period though, I dont want to take contraception just in case. I was worried for not having my period for 2 weeks now, so I had another test. Came out with 1 dark line and one faint line yellow/pinkish.
HELP ME PLEASE i want kids young, (only 17, and been with my boy for 5 years now). But these symtoms are driving me crazy!
Any thoughts? will be thoughful. xxxx


Hi Snezypop! Well who wouldn't be driven crazy by your symptoms. Everything but the tests says that you are pregnant but the tests shouldn't lie... If you want kids that much you should consult your gynecologist and start working on it seriously. I think it's good and it's easier to have kids when you're young (under thirty at least). I'm thinking about kids to, and I imagine what would that be like... My period was late for ten days and I it just came, an hour ago, I'm kind of sad but... Anyway, you have good chances to be pregnant, go and talk to your gynecologist, he'll tell you if you are. And if all those symptoms are caused by something else he or she is the right person to talk to. God luck girl! Let me know the news :-) . All the best to you!