The majority of health care providers will go an entire career without seeing one case of Gillian-Barre Syndrome. However, during my tour at Naval Hospital Great Lakes I have seen at least 50 cases. You see Naval Station Great Lakes is home to Naval Recruit Training Command, or boot camp. While in boot camp recruits are exposed to numerous vaccinations and weeks thereafter an inordinate amount of recruits are subsequently diagnosed with Gillian-Barre. A causal link between the vaccinations and the syndrome can be established, but not to a specific vaccine. Mind you the Department of Defense is very hush-hush about this matter, but in 2 years I have seen 50 cases. It is quickly diagnosed at the patients generally have a good outcome, although some have suffered long term effects. One case in particular involved a 17 year-old whose mother initiated a Congressional Investigation. She was unable to obtain copies of her son's medical record as they were propriety of the U.S. Government. Many were given a direct order not to speak about specifics with neither the patient nor his family. This happens everyday with no official investigation or end in sight.