I have had the Nexplanon for 8 months now and have been experiencing cuts and dryness on and off since I have been on it. 

This past month my cuts have gotten worse- turning into hole like cuts along with the same paper cut looking things on the outside of my vaginal entrance and once above my urethra where I pee. My vagina burns kinda like and icy/hot burn regularly and I keep messing wiht the cuts to see what it might be causing dryness and irritation. I'm just so stressed, so I went to the clinic today and my doctor said she has seen cuts like that that look like herpes. I was tested for a UTI and yeast infection and both were negative.. I had blood work done for HSV 1&2 and am waiting on the results back. 

I am curious, since my birth control does not have estrogen if my vagina is getting infections and dryness. I don't know what to do and I have been so stressd out the past 3 weeks. What if this is herpes, anyone know?!