Hello dearies! This is the 2nd time I've taken ECP. First time in December, and last time over a month ago (towards end of June).
It's been over a month since then, and my period is VERY late. Either that or I'm pregnant.

Straight to important info:
- I honestly dont know when I ovulated in June.

- No direct penis/ vagina contact when it happened, but may have gotten some semen on his hands when he fingered me.

- heavy bleeding 6 days after taking ECP for two full days, then spotting for 3 - 4 more days

- cervix has been feeling high (have to reach almost all the way in), hard/ firm, and very very slightly open (like a tiny slit or dimple. I dont wanna say closed because Im hoping for AF.)

- cervical mucus has been pretty dry for a few days!

- some sexual activity since then, but always washed his hands, and no contact between penis & vagina.

- feeling symptoms of PMS or pregnancy (bloating, easily irritated, some food cravings, forgetfulness, hard time concentrating, frequent bathroom trips, slight pains in lower abdomen (left side), and acting CRAZY.)

I'm planning to take an HPT soon, since the time would allow for a solid result (unless if I'm pregnant and that my HCG levels arent high enough)

I know you lovely ladies (and maybe some guys) can help me with my dilemma! I am 18 years old, 5 feet tall, and around 105 lbs. The bloating makes me REALLY paranoid and scared about getting BFP. Also, prayers for a solid and true BFN would be loved~

God bless and I hope to hear from you all soon!~