I'm 25 years old & was on birth control pills for 8+ years (Yaz/Zarah) came off them 4months ago. My periods stayed pretty steady, 28-32 day cycle & was TTC since day 1 of stopping my bcps.. so when AF was 5 days late this month I assumed it was just bc my body was still adjusting to going off bcps..


Very few mild symptoms I observed.. I did noticed my nipples were slightly darkening around the rings.. my breast were only the slightest bit sore off & on, nipples only barely. No cramping except some mild twinging here & there. My lower back had noticeable ache for the past 2 days, but not a bother.. An odd preggo symptom I did noticed however are the air bubbles coming out of my vag, not at all like a queef (after peeing or just sitting) My head would slightly hurt when I woke up in the morning, but not at all a bother. Vivid dreams & sleeping heavily.


I tested at the docs office 5 days before expected AF, BFN.


So I woke up this morning and figured, I should test just in case.. those two red lines showed up right away- BFP on the 1$ store brand! I really thought that the long term use of birth control pills I'd have a hard time getting pregnant (the past 4 months were always BFNs)

So over all I didn't really experience any symptoms before AF/preggo.. I was just 5 days late & feeling confused, but totally fine .. and as of now I'm currently feeling just fine & normal! :O


It's funny to say it's a Christmas baby..what a surprise it's going to be for the fam! Baby dust to you all, happy holidays :-D