First and foremost...Hello everyone!!!

I need a little help here because I'm really tired of wondering and searching the internet for probable cause for my missing period.

BACKGROUND: I was on BC for around 13 years and my DH and decided that when I ran out of pills (around Nov/Dec of last year) I wouldn't refill them and if I got pregnant fine if not that would be fine too. Well my AF from Dec through Apr was normal (28 days) then in May I was a week late. I figured my June AF would be a week late which should came at the end of June but never arrived. Instead what I noticed on that day was some EWCM instead of AF which was strange. I started what I think may have been implantation bleeding around the 4th of July (on and off for a couple of days nothing spectacular just when I wiped after visiting the Ladies Room)., I took 4 HPT (all before the suspect implantation bleeding) that came up BFN. I haven't experienced any PG symptoms other than the lower back aches and occasionally nausea throughout the day but that's it. I went in yesterday for a blood test so they could check my HCG and progestrone levels. I'm kind of anxious to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so did you ever come up with BFP.