So my boyfriend and I have been together for about a month. We have not had sex but have fooled around quite a bit. He has only ever finished inside my mouth or on my chest so no cum has ever been around my vagina. But I worry that he had precum before, touching himself and then continue to touch and finger me. I am absolutely freaking about about this. I took the toothpaste home pregnancy test where nothing happened until I actually mixed my urine around a bit and then slight bubbles started to form. And then with the bleach pregnancy test there was a very slight fizz that formed at the top. I looked up videos of the positive and negative outcomes of these tests and they were all different so I really don't know. I have never really kept track of my period before, I know it's slightly irregular but I am five days later than when I got mine last month. I'm so stressed out about this though I wonder if it's affecting my lateness. Im not ready to take a real pregnancy test yet because I don't think I will be able to handle the results if its positive. Please can anyone help me. Am I being irrational? What are the chances?!