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Okay so, I took the plan b pill and I was not pregnant and I DID get my period that month. But now it is the next month and my period is currently almost a week late. I'm very scared that I'm pregnant even though I haven't had intercourse within the last month but me and my boyfriend still do stuff but not sex, so I'm just still scared and I don't trust home made pregnancy tests cause I've seen many different results from people and I'm not sure what's true and what's not and I've tried many of them such as the bleach, vinegar, and toothpaste test. Negative and positive results so I can't trust them. But what I want to know is ,,, can the plan b pill affect my whole cycle? Remember I had my period that month I took it but now it's very late and I'm getting worried , my guess is either I'm pregnant or hormones from the pill is messing my cycle up? Please help!!!! I don't want this stress anymore. I'm feeling dizzy and sick which is a sign of both pregnancy and the plan b side effects!! Help me? Thank you



Hi Guest,

Plan B, any emergency contraceptive, can affect SEVERAL months of periods. It's a normal side effect.

Bleach, vinegar, all those homemade pregnancy tests DO NOT WORK. 

Buy a real, name brand, (not dollar store) test and follow the directions exactly.