I lost my virginity back in October 2011 but I never bled at that time. However, after a protected intercourse and the morning-after pill, I had spotted some blood in my panty. I didn’t get pregnant that time but my periods are irregular ever since.

My last period was on April 12 2012 and I had an intercourse on 25th may 2012.My guy inserted his penis when it was hard but it did not have any pre-cum on it. After thrusting a few times, when he pulled it out, there were white substances. Most probably it was mine as when I masturbate sometimes I do not cum.

After that he put on the condom and we had a normal intercourse but then again I bled. The stain was all over the bed. So we stopped having sex and instead went for grinding and rubbing.

I have a feeling that I might get pregnant. There are no symptoms yet. I feel perfectly fine except the occasional doubt that my stomach is aching. I have no headaches or what so ever.

Am I pregnant?  IF yes, what shall I do?