Im 24 and had a medical abortion Jan 26 at 4/5weeks pregnant, got the injection at the doctors and inserted the pills vaginally on the 28th. Weirdly I didn't have any pain nor pass anything for a week, only spotted. Around Feb 3rd I passed some clots blood got heavy still no cramps and I passed the sac it was like scary looking a grayish pink and red clot looking thing. Then I started spotting again went back to my follow up appointment on Feb 9th he said everything was clear and there is nothing in my uterus anymore. So I went home and spotted till Feb 22. Went to work Feb 23rd and started bleeding again heavy Red blood like a water fall nose bleed soaking up a pad an hour, went to the emergency yesterday feb 24th they took blood work it came back fine like I don't have low blood they did a pelvic exam, my cervix was closed so where is all this blood coming from. They sent me home and today I'm still bleeding heavy, i bled thru my pad underwear and shorts... I have an appointment for a D&C Friday but I'm not sure I can wait and wanna bleed that long. After reading some of the stories I'm scarred for my life, literally in panic mode.