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My boyfriend and I had sex Nov 11. Nov 18 and Nov 24. Nov 11 was the day before my period. Nov 18 was the day after my period. Nov 24 was thanksgiving 6 days after my I pregnant? We didn't use any protection for any of it...


Hi Julia,

It all depends upon when you ovulate.  Normally that would be between days 11-16 of your cycle (28 days).

It is unlikely from November 11 that you'd get pregnant.  It was too early.
November 18 is slight chance.  You would have been on day 6 of your cycle.  Sperm can live about 5 days.  So, if you ovulate early, maybe.
November 24 is a better possibility.  It would have been day 12 of your cycle so you'd pretty much cover the entire time for ovulation. 

But, there are no guarantees you're pregnant.  Even in the best of cases the odds are only about 1 in 5. 

You have to wait to see if you have your period.

Hope it helps.


Thank you so much!