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I had unprotected sex with a guy on Nov 22 and got my period or so I thought on Dec 8 had unprotected sex on Dec 18th now for Jan no period do u think I got pregnant on the 18th with second guy? I'm freaking out I haven't gone for an ultrasound yet but of it the 2nd guy I'd be 6 weeks will the drvbe able to tell the difference who fathered this child through ultrasound by the three week difference??


Hi Unsure,

Nov 22 would have been day 12 of your cycle.

Dec 18 would have been day 10 of your cycle. 

You'd normally ovulate between days 11 and 16, sperm can survive about 5 days.

If you had a "normal" period on Dec 8 then it is very unlikely you were pregnant then and the 2nd guy would be the father.

Yes, the ultrasound will be able to determine the 4 week difference.