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Ok so My last period was nov 24 2013 and I had sex on December 1 with a guy and we used a condom and I'm pretty sure it did not break. However I got back together with my boyfriend December 8th and we had unprotected sex and he came inside of me and we had unprotected sex like that from the 8th to the 22nd pretty regularly. I found out I was pregnant the 26th. The doctor told me I was likely to conceive on December 9th but reading on the internet has scared me and I'm terrified. Is it my boyfriends?


Hi guest,

Most likely it is the boyfriend but it could be either.

You had sex with "a guy" on day 7 of your cycle.  You had sex with your boyfriend on days 14+.

Sperm can survive about 5 days.  You'd normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle (Dec 5-10).  If you ovulate early and there was a failure of the condom or it wasn't used properly then there is a chance. 

A DNA test can confirm.  Again, most likely the boyfriend is the father