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I hope on this site people arent mean and leave bad comments. Im just wondering if i could end up pregnant, i would love a kid right now. My last cycle was oct 27 to nov 2/3 On nov 13 i had unprotected sex and not on the pill or anything and he did finish in me 3 times But havin sex 10 days after my cycle ended could i still end up pregnant?? It nov 17 im havin light cramps an white discharge.. Next cycle due nov 24,,, if it shows =)


Hi ggm,

Just to clarify, day 1 of your cycle is when your period STARTS.   

Normally you will ovulate SOMETIME between days 11 and 16 of your cycle.

The egg is viable for 48 hours after ovulation and sperm is viable for about 5 days.

You had sex on day 17 of your cycle so you'd likely already ovulated.  It is possible that you could conceive.  There is a chance that the light cramps are "implantation" cramping.  You may notice some very light, no pad needed, spotting.  This is another indicator that you MAY be pregnant.

It's early to test.  You need to wait at least 2 weeks, preferably 3, after having sex.

Good luck!