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Development of the internet brought many benefits to people who use this kind of technology. The most important being fast approach to high amount of information.
While some will use the modern technology to benefit materially, others will try to help other people. What I am talking about is a web based Psychology self-help therapy to patients with depression. This kind of non conventional treatment turned out to be as effective as patient-doctor treatment.
117 patients suffering from mild to moderate depression took part in the study. The online program consisted of 89 pages of text divided into five modules that were estimated to take eight weeks to complete. Unfortunately, many patients withdrew from the study as they felt that the program was too demanding. On the other hand, those who remained showed a significant improvement with a decrease in their depression symptoms.

Depression is very a hard disorder to treat and all extra work with patients is highly appreciated.


This is very interesting to find out that there has been such a treatment tried on the internet. Is there something still available? Is there a cost involved? I have suffered from depression many times over the years, and although I do take meds when necessary, I have found that they are much more effective when taken hand in hand with some sort of counseling. Now after going through cancer and having a set of twins that are 16 and another set of twins that are 1 and 1/2 years old, taking time to go to appts is very difficult, but if there was something such as this available it would make my life so much easier, and I believe it would be extremely beneficial to address my symptoms of depression.