A study that was conducted reveals shocking results of the impairment of life quality due to technology development.
Although all this new technology saves time and has good impact on productivity, different results were given when analyzing the effects it has on family and personal lives.

The 24-hour accessibility that cell phones and pagers provide has been shown to increase psychological distress and decrease family satisfaction.

However, no such or similar effects were tied to regular use of the Internet and e-mail.

The study looked at spillover of work concerns into home life, and vice versa. For most people cell phones and pagers made job concerns infiltrate into another part of life, which means that there is no fine line between work and home.
Women, besides letting their job interfere with their business also let them family issues influence work performance.

Researchers state that people should think of the pros and cons of being 24h available and that if the negative outweighs the positive, the phones should go down.