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If you aren't serious about losing wight then I suggest you don'd bother reading this post. 

1. Dont eat bread or carbohydrates at ALL. When you eat bread and carbohydrates it gives you a lot of energy that you never burn off and therefor results in fat going to your stomach or your legs. 

2. For breakfast every morning eat 1/4 of a bowl of natural yogurt with oat bran in it and do NOT eat fruit either. Fruit has sugar and although it is natural fruit is bad for your skin and also your backside. Or you can have an omelette with ham/chicken, red onion, tomatoes, chives e.c.t

3. For lunch I recommend you eat fat free cottage cheese and have some turkey/chicken or prawns with it. You can also add some red onion, chives, or something like this to add more flavour to it. 

4. For dinner you should eat red meat or tofu and do not have bread or pasta with this. Everyone should always have vegetables and when you are trying to lose weight they are a must. When you are over the age of 12 you should be having at least 2 big pieces of broccoli, carrot and beans/peas e.c.t. 

5. If you get hungry in between meals you are not doing enough exercise. If you get hungry in between meals you are obviously doing nothing because you are thinking about eating, if you get hungry at say 10.30/11 go outside and jump on the trampoline, kick the football. And if you feel hungry have a large glass of water and go outside. There is no point in riding your bike unless you are doing some hard stuff like going up and down some big hills and for this you need a reasonable bike. Don't try to tackle Everest on a townie. 

6. If you do really get hungry in between meals and going outside doesn't cure your hunger than eat a digestive biscuit and have a mega glass of water. No tea, no coffee... EVER 

7. If you are not serious about losing weight than don't bother because it is not worth trying, all you will do is disappoint yourself. 

8. If you can go to a gym and do some running on a treadmill or go on the bike, but do not sit on the bike for 10 minutes in the easiest section you need to get serious and push yourself. Lift weights do sit ups and push ups, if you can also Yoga is a very good thing to do to help relax yourself and keep calm and it also can help to relieve stress about being on a diet. 

9. People, if you do exactly what I have written and you do it for about a month you will be a lot thinner and you will not only look great but feel great. 

10. Multi-vitamins are also good to have during your diet. Not just cheap ones but proper ones, can help you and give your body that extra boost to walk a bit further or run a bit faster. 


To have a proper chance a doing these things and if you want to keep the weight off you need to be properly equipped. I am not suggesting you should go to the store and spend $200 on shoes and clothes. You should start the diet properly first and once you have decided wether it is for you or not then maybe you should buy some nice shoes or something.

Here is a basic schedule of what you should do when you aren't working:

7.30-wake up, brush teeth, have breakfast

8.30-brush teeth, get dressed, have a walk/run

10am- come home, have a shower, play outside with kids

12- have lunch, have a break, read a book, do some yoga

1- free time 

3- gym/ride bike/walk/run


6-favourite show on TV..Go for it do not have an ice cream, after dinner you are done. No more food is necessary. 


8-Bed. Yes. Bed.

When you are at work you need to get up out of your seat and walk around. Go for a walk stand up for a while. It can be hard to fit in enough time to go to the gym when you are at work all day or even to do exercise but you need to try and make it work. 

This is a stress free way to lose weight quickly and easily. It is not a hard thing to do and you shouldn't be worrying about being on a diet. If you are an overweight family then incorporate these things with everyone, even if you have an overweight 6 year old things need to be done. Young children's bodies do not hold onto fat so if your young child is overweight you are seriously shoving some food down them. If they are stubborn and refuse to stop playing their video game or watching a movie then 'throw them out' just hide them but act as though you have thrown them out and then maybe be a little mean at first to get them to realise how bad it is that they are overweight and then you need to try and help them and the rest of your family. 

I am a 13 year old girl who has tried many theories of weight loss and diets. I was 50 kilograms when I decided to lose wight and I lost 6 kilograms and now way 44kg and I am currently aiming for 42. 

Believe in yourself. If you don't believe you are strong enough to withstand the cravings then you wont be when they actually come. 

Kids should join up to sport clubs, after school sports e.c.t things that get them moving but that are fun. 

If worse comes to worse there is always the Biggest Loser or fat camps. 

Good luck everyone. If anyone needs anymore help or info on how to loose the weight fast then please reply.

(I wanna be a dietrition and a personal trainer when I get older so I am practising now) 


Okay look I'm an 11 year old girl and I weigh don't freak out but I weigh 210 pounds my goal is to get up to 120 at least. I'm 5ft and 4in people tell me its because I'm tall but I want to loose weight like really bad what should I do'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'(