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Have you tried numerous times to lose weight by following fad diets? Find they work in the short term but eventually you put the weight back on? Follow these easy tips to lower your weight and keep it down, change your lifestyle to live healthy.

Losing weight is something that 90% of the population has had to do at some point in their life. It's a fact, obesity is on the rise across the world and it's about time people looked at their lifestyle and tried to improve their waistline. If you're not a fan of fad diets these simple tips will actually help you change your diet and lifestyle to make losing weight really easy!

Add Some Spice

The easiest way to increase the amount of weight you lose is to actually increase the metabolism. When the metabolism is high the body is having to burn excess calories to digest food. This is why people with a naturally higher metabolism never seem to put on weight: they digest food quickly while using calories some of us would store as fat. A great way to naturally do this is to eat foods which cause a thermogenic effect (heat up), this added heat from foods increases our metabolism and calorie burn. Foods which have a thermo effect are generally spicy such as peppers and chillies. But, if you do not like spicy foods there are easy ways to disguise it such as adding a light chilli to your hot meals such as spaghetti sauce. Try simply adding a raw pepper to your salad dishes or in a salad sandwich.

Six Small Meals Better Than Three Bigger Meals

We are always told to watch our portion size and that a fist size is generally accepted as enough. Although this may be true it is much better to eat 6 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 regular or larger meals. This is because it maintains the metabolism throughout the day, helping to increase the amount of calories burnt. It also stops the slump you tend to feel after a large lunch when your body has to work really hard to digest a large amount of food instead of burning slowly and at a pace which can sustain energy production. Breakfast really is an important meal, many people skip it because of time but if you don't kick start the metabolism early your body will not be using all its waking hours to burn calories - which you need to lose weight.

Increase Daily Exercise

Exercise is the key to weight loss. A lot of people think that if they go to the gym two or three times a week they can eat anything they want. Unfortunately this is not true, as much as we all wish it was. Diet is the key to weight loss but exercise helps to rid the body of excess calories and keep you healthy. Time is a huge barrier that people use for not being able to exercise and I am not going to dispute this because with longer working weeks it's hard to fit in the gym. The best way to increase your exercise is to undertake daily lifestyle changes that can add to your exercise total. For example a simple change you can make is to walk rather than drive if possible. If you use public transport try getting of a stop early and walk that extra ten minutes. Also, if you work in an office take the stairs instead of the lift once a day, use your breaks to walk down a floor to grab a drink or use the loo! It all adds up to an increase calorie burn.

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