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I just turned 17 about 2 weeks ago and I had a revelation after going shopping for homecoming and seeing how stores hardly ever have my size dress or pants size and I always have to shop online for plus sizes. Now is the time I want to get my weight on tract and lose alot of pounds. Right now im about 5 foot 1 and weigh 186 lbs. I have a VERY noticeable muffin top that I would love to lose. This is extreme overweight on my part and even my doctor is concerned on the issue. She recommended I do some dancing fitness, but i don't have the time, money, or transportation to go to a ymca for something like zumba ect...

I did acquire a gym membership recently, and I can go on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but I dont know where to start. I usual just go on ellipticals and/or treadmill for and hour or so. But I want to know if there is anything else I could do to lower my weight. That includes things outside the gym aswell.

My parents have always been harping on me about my weight saying im soo fat, and i cry a lot about it, but im getting tired of just crying around feeling sorry for myself and want to actually do something about it and lose the weight. I want to bring satisfaction to myself because I DO want to lose the weight and be more healthy in life.

I hardly, if ever eat breakfast, and i eat the lunch provided at school (like pizza, hamburger, chicken patty, nachos,tacos, ect). When i get home I usually just start on hw and dont even eat food until about 9 or 10 at night because my parents dont get home till 8 and they make dinner late. Im dominican so my daily dinner intake more or less consists of any of these items: platains, rice, eggs, salami, chicken, beans, and occasionally pasta and fish. So I'd also like advice food wise on what I should and shouldnt eat.

I know im suppose to eat more vegetables but the plain fact is, I just cant. The taste of them just makes me want to throw up. The ones i can stand are carrots, cucucmber, pumpkin, lettuce, spinach and potatoe. Anything else i just goes down the wrong way and I end up gagging. I have no trouble with fruits though.As far as salads go, I'll eat them, but I dont really like any dressings (like italian or ranch, ect) except viniger.


So if anyone has any advice at all ANYTHING at all, from food-to water-to excersize that would help me in my journey to losing weight and my mufifn top, please feel free to post a reply


--thank you

~ A Troubled Girl





hi shayl,


i was at your situation too, im a man 5'8 tall and 203 pounds. i dont know if this will help you but all i did is to stay up all night playing computer games, surfing the net. and few months from it i lose dozen of pounds i dont know what i did but i works for me, or just keep yourself busy at anytimes(except from eatin) 


hope it helps :)




since i know that u feel so bulky and insulted about it,but i had this problem also when i was 18(now 20).my weight was 81 kg,but now it is 65 kg.i'm feeling very much better now .so here is the solution

1.don't eat ur lunch(11:00 breakfast, and dinner).

2.drink grean tea a lot when u feel hungry.

3.and do the exercise like running and crunches better u start gym.

4.and play sports.

that's all i did .i played too much cricket and i reduced my weight around 1 5kg.

so that's all i can answer .

best off luck