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I'll keep it as simple as I can.

I am 23, weigh just over 52kg, am 5 ft 5 with a bmi of 19. I have been going to the gym for about a month now, with the intention of gaining upper body strength and weight- nothing drastic i.e. bodybuilder type, but I'd like to be stronger as I play a lot of sport.

I hired a personal trainer for m first month, to get me on a good diet and workout programme. As I was new, he started me off on weight machines. I have one final session with him this week, where he says he will write out with me a food plan and freeweights plan.

I saw him a few days ago, where he told me to bring with me a food diary of the past 7 days. Obviously this isn't what I have every day as in a regular routine but it's fairly accurate. He fed back to me the following...

toast on white bread
glass of fruit juice
carton of pure orange juice from concentrate
sandwich on white bread
white rice (is like bleached food and processed. It produces too much insulin and stores energy as opposed to using it. It is popular as it cooks quickly and is easier to flavour)
burger (containing lettuce and chicken)
mars bar
kit-kat bar
milky-way bar
king-sized lion bar
sport boost isotonic orange drink
can of Dunn's River Nourishment Milk drink (the positives are it has all the nutriments I need but on the down-side, it contains a lot of sugar)
roti's (an type of bread, made from dough and white flour)
glass of fanta twist
chocolate mouse
bottle of lucozade
chocolate doughnut
glass/bottle of coke
glass of lemonade
hot chocolate
Hagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream ice cream
packet of Heinz Baked Beans (as it contains sugar)

sandwich using Hovis Best of Both bread
popadom / garlic popadom
glass of champagne

2 egg omlette (whites and yolk)
cucumber and cheese in a sandwich
lettuce, tomato and Red Leicester cheese in a sandwich
lamb samosa / lamb
mince meat
2 good handfuls of dry roasted nuts
boiled eggs
milk (red top on bottle- think this is skimmed milk)
chicken / chicken tikka

*neither myself or him could define what Lady Fingers (Okra) was
* looking through my notes, he forgot to comment on Kidney Beans and lentils

He spoke to me about the risk of diabetes and the following diagram...

Bad = Simple = Sugar

orange juice

white rice


white bread



Good = Complex = Sugar


brown rice or wild rice (brown rice tastes more nutty than white rice and is tougher to
eat than white rice, which is fluffy and soft. But you can add e.g. a chicken, lamb or
vegetable stock-cube with water for flavour


brown bread or whole grain

whole-meal or whole-grain noodles

Buy free-range chicken. If it's not free-range, it has fat so don't buy it.

Where possible eat fruit as a whole. If drinking the juice, ensure it's freshly squeezed

Ideally I can cut out fizzy drinks completly. When not possible, use their 'diet' version

I have been taking 1 x Multivitamin & 1 x Vitamin B tablets- which have stopped me from getting mouth ulcers (since taking them.) Personal trainer said that the ulcers appeared due to my diet and immune system needing to kick in.) He said in-between my red and white blood cells are Lymphatics (which stop cancer cells.) The fact that the ulcers stopped after taking the supplements shows my diet is lacking the right things

It wasn't good to have 'missed breakfast' a few times. This wasn't to say that I didn't have my breakfast meal, but that it was taken closer to lunch-time


If I do have to have the bad foods, at most, this should be once a month

I currently have too much acid in my system. As well as eroding teeth, this makes joints bad (carbon deposits)

I need to cut down on my sugar intake. Too much insulin makes people sleepy as they don't have enough energy & causes people to be hypoglycemic (low blood sugar level)

He said that it's too early for me to be taking Creatine. I need to get my diet sorted first.

I could take something like Whey Protein to work as an assist/supplement to my diet, helping me gain weight. In general, I need to swap the bad sugars (above) with good ones and generally eat more regularly throughout the day- which means sticking to times and not missing breakfast. It doesn't mean eating huge meals each time, but little and often so my body is constantly consuming calories.

To aid muscle development, I need to be eating iron and protein. My muscles love protein.

...on a typical work-day this is what I eat...

8am - 2 egg omlette (whites and yolk) with piece of toast on white bread and glass of fruit juice

1pm - sandwich on white bread of cucumber and cheese or chicken with salad in a burger with water

2pm - snack on few handfuls of dry roasted nuts and carton of orange juice from concentrate

3pm - a banana

9pm dinner-being Indian, typically have meat, fish, lentils, boiled eggs, kidney beans, aubergines etc with roti's (made of half white and half brown flour- it's like nan bread)

9.30pm - chocolate mouse


on balance of this, I know I'm not eating enough but PT seems to have cut out anything that has a remote trace of sugar in it. I want a diet plan to be achievable and this is where I am confused. Some people say eat more, cut down on the junk food to once a week but it will help you build fat so don't stop it completly. He said junk food at most once a month. I'm also wary that I need to put on weight as well as muscle. I have drawn up a proposed diet plan and wanted some feedback on it...

8am - 2 egg omlette (whites and yolk) with a glass of water. Possibly a piece of toast also- though I don't like brown bread and don't know what else would be good for me here. No point having white if it's no good.

10.30am = weight gain supplement milkshake- PT mentioned that a lot of people take Whey Protein. I have found MAX MRP

1pm = sandwich consisting of a meat and salad filling- not white bread, again I don't like brown bread so looking for an alternative. PT said in a burger wasn't in a burger. Currently it's the pre-packed ones from Tesco but probably better to book chicken fresh and then store it rather than have a processed piece of chicken. Ill have this with water or a diet version of a fizzy drink.

3.30pm = pasta with a glass of juice, freshly squeezed in a juicer from a few fruits/vegetables (e.g. cattot, cucumber, apple, banana, orange)

6pm = weight gain shake as above with few handfuls of dry roasted nuts

8pm = gymming // dinner when not gymming

9pm = dinner with water

10pm = when not gymming eat something, not sure what


8am - 2 egg omlette (whites and yolk) with a glass of water

10.30am = wheat noodles with sliced meat

1pm = spaghetti with sliced meat

3.30pm = pasta with sliced meat or wild rice/brown rice (if i like it)

6pm = few handfuls of dry roasted nuts and a glass of freshly squeezed juice, consisting of fruit/vegetables (e.g. carrot, banana, orange, apple and something else)

8pm = gym (when no gym, 9pm = 9pm and 10pm = 9pm)

9pm = whatever indian dinner I have

10pm = weight gain supplement milkshake e.g. Max MRP or Whey Protein

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I'm noticing a lack of whole grains in your diet, especially since you're not a fan of wheat bread. Whole grains supply complex carbs for energy and healthy weight gain and fiber for good digestion and absorption of protien. Maybe you can substitute whole grain crackers instead of white/ wheat bread with cheese and fruit to go along with your eggs for breakfast. Just avoid starches with enriched bleached flour and high fructose corn syrup.