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Hey I'm 17 going to be 18 in about 2 week. My issues have spread and have gotten better and worse throughout the last 5 months being sick. So here it is...

-Sever weight loss. ( Starting weight was 210...Now 130-140)

- Constant Belching. Everytime I try to eat I feel very nauseas until I belch.

-Change in Bowel Movements. I go maybe 1 every week 2 weeks. Have bad internal hemmeroids that make it difficult to pass and also stool becomes so Hard that I can not pass. Sometimes I need to try to pull it out myself (yes I know NASTY!!)

-Always dizzy now if I stand up I get very dizzy.

- No appetite what so ever. Anytime I eat meat or anything I get very nauseas and burp like crazy...Lately like chips and like break and some junk food goes down relatively okay but any type of Food Food that I actually want to eat I cant.

-Severe stomach pain time to time. (Gets to the point were the pain puts me into tears and makes me scream cause of how bad it gets.) lasts for about 10 minutes to sometimes 1 hour.

Well that are the current symptoms I am dealing with now. I can not go to hospital because I do not have any insurance and my mom/dad and myself can not afford the medical bills. I have been before but nothing major. They diagnosed me with GERD and stomach spasms. I was also treated wtih H Pylori but it was never official they never ran the test they just kind of winged it. I have been on aatleast 20 or 30 different medicines since being to the hospital nothing seems to help.

I am currently taking a daily acid reducer and I have been taking a stool softner medicine for the last few days to help with the constipation. The only screwed up part is that after having this issue before the blocked up hard stool came out and I went to the bathroom for like 5 days in a row somewhat normal like it just backed me up so much it emptied everything but why does my body keep producing this hard stool which hurts so bad. Someone please help give me ideas or anything I could explain the whole story if neccessary because all of these issues happened from eating Taco Bell. -_-


Sounds like you are really dehydrated and acidic. How much water do you drink a day? I'd recommend starting to drink body temperature bottled of filtered water 1/4 to 1/2 a litre as soon as you wake up the again about 20-30 minutes before each meal. You would also really benefit from doing some water enemas every day to help with the constipation, you can buy a enema kit to do enemas yourself at home. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I'd also recommend drinking linseed tea each day to help with hydration and soothing your stomach and gut. Make it by adding 2 big spoonfuls of linseeds (flax) in about 1 litre boiling water, letting it sit covered over night, then re-heating in the morning. Thin this down with hot water (about 1 part linseed tea to 5-7 parts water) and drink daily.

As for eating, moist, non processed foods would be best, home made vegetable soups/stews and rice congee would be good for your stomach and bowel. To make rice congee pre-heat a thermos flask with boiling water for 10 minutes, pour water back in to kettle to boil it again. Put 1/3 cup short grain brown rice in the flask and pour on the boiling water. Close the flask and let this stand over night. The next morning pour off any excess water and eat the rice. You could try adding some soaked dried fruit.

Hope this helps.




Well as for the constipation that went away I ended up getting it out with stool softners and other techniques. As for eating I still cant really eat much I drink a good amount of water everyday. Anything from about 1 to even 4 or 5 bottles daily. I keep myself hydrated because my moms a medical assistant and she says that hydration is a major key. I dont really know what to do were going to get me checked out pretty soon. Just annoys me that thinking of this all I remember that Taco Bell caused all of it.