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I was diagnosed with social anxiety, avoidant personality disorder, and depression. My doctor prescribed that I take celexa because it is the best for anxiety orders, and my depression seemed to be based off of my social phobias.

The medication works great. I am in better moods, and find myself able to push myself harder. I'm much more motivated and all my relationships are much better off.

The only problem is that I've had a lot of weight loss. Most wouldn't think this is a bad thing but I'm 5'9" and already down to 122. When I went to my OB GYN appointment 2 months ago I was 130. That's 8 pounds in 2 months, and I haven't been really working out. I came out to california to live with my parents and have been walking alot, and started doing curves with my step-mom, but I've only done it twice. I eat all the time and I eat alot. I can assure all of you I don't have an eating disorder... I'd rather have meat on me than be boney. I think it's more attractive.

Has anyone else had this problem?!?! HELP!


I took celexa and did not loose any weight

What you can do is call your pharmacist and see if weight loss is a side effect of celexa and if so tell your doctor to prescribe something else

Good luck