Last week I smoked Marijuana as I always do and I started to feel my heart rate increase for absolutely no reason I've never felt my heart rate beat that fast after smoking weed, about an hour later I decided to call paramedics after continuing to feel the same, the paramedics came and checked me out only to find out my blood pressure was extremely high they told it reached the point where I could had either had a stroke/heart attack/heart failure that very moment I was shocked. I ended up going to the hospital and they did test on me and everything by the time I left the hospital they told me I got Marijuana poisoning and I thought to myself BS. I didn't smoke for a whole day when I returned home, the next day I decided to smoke and everything seemed fine until that very night I smoked again and I started to feel my heart rate increase once again I decided to stop and just go lay down, since then I haven't smoked weed, does anybody know why this happens to me I've been smoking weed since I was 14 I'm 19 now.