Help! I am so tired of this.

I am 47, had a d&c & polyp removed in August because of heavy bleeding, then no p. for 2 1/2 months, then a heavy period with very heavy clotting for 8 or 9 days. Saw my doctor who scheduled me for an endometrial ablation a week later and started me on iron supplements, but the bleeding was so bad I had a pounding fast heart rate that woke me up. I ended up in the hospital for a transfusion and received 2 pints of rbc two days later. I had the ablation the following Monday. I do not know what my ferritin level was, but my hemoglobin was 9 or so before the transfusion and 10 something after.

I have continued to have the rapid heart rate. It has dropped from about 140 or 150 right after surgery to 120 now while I am standing. I have returned to work just this week and the doctor said this was safe as long as I feel ok (my heart rate was 120 for 7 hours). My resting heart rate is usually around 70 but today is 90. The rapid heart rate only happens when I am up standing. I am not as shaky as I was at first after the surgery. But am VERY tired.

I bought a self test anemia kit (hemoglobin) and it shows my blood count at 15 now after 4 weeks of iron. I had done one 12 days ago and it was at 9.

My question is WHEN will I be seeing some real change in this rapid heart rate. If my hemoglobin is now normal, why isn't the rapid heart rate gone? Could this rapid heart rate be some other thing and not related to all this? I did not have this in August but was complaining of a lot of palpitations and wore a holter monitor for 24 hours. The results were an irregular heart beat.

I do smoke, but have been trying to quit for the last few months and had been taking Wellbutrin when all this bleeding was going on - for about a week, but the dr told me to drop it and maybe that would help the heart thing, that I could try again later when I was feeling better. Otherwise the only thing I'm on is the iron and I skipped that today thinking maybe it was part of my problem. Today I did manage to not smoke for several hours because I was feeling so bad.

I feel awful and am having a hard time now believing that this heart rate will correct itself since it's been going on for a full month now. Anybody got any answers for me???