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Can high blood pressure (usually around 130/60 to 150-80) cause a pounding and rapid heart beat after barely doing anything(like walking fast) and also cause dizziness? p.s. im an 18 yr old male.


High blood pressure is called silent disease because most often it doesn’t cause any symptoms. Even if the symptoms were present, they would be mild and wouldn’t be causing your fast heart beat.

High blood pressure could be associated with dizziness but dizziness can be associated with high blood pressure medicines as well. Your symptoms sound more like there’s an underlying medical condition or even anxiety. Whenever I start feeling anxious, my heart starts beating fast and sometimes I even start shivering and I feel very bad. It happens usually when I have problems at work or in my relationship after quarrels when I get really upset. Plus, I drink a lot of coffee, which I think calms me down when it is actually causing more trouble than I am usually aware of.