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Let me start off by saying I am a 20 year old male who was fine before all of this started. I went to the ER for chest pain and palpitations they did the basic test like EKG Xray and Blood work. The ER doctor said i was fine and they let em go home but said i need to see a cardiologist to just make sure everything was fine. So i went to see a cardiologist and the hospital faxed over all of my test results. Based on my ER visits EKG i have an abnormally high P wave everything else on the EKG was fine. They set me up for a Echocardiogram to make sure i did not have an enlarged heart. that test came back normal and they said i did not have a enlarged heart. They set me up for a Stress Echo test I went in for the test got my heart rate up to 200bpm the before and after pictures of my heart looked good and they said everything was working fine and that i was healthy. But during the test i still have those high P waves showing up on the EKG which he said was caused because I am very thin chested and my hear beats close to the surface of my chest so the EKG pick up a higher voltage. Now i have noticed a slight arrhythmia when i take my pulse it tends to beat at 60bpm then 5 or 6 beats later it jumps to 80bpm then back to 60 after 5 or so beats. This comes and goes and does not happen all the time and when it does happen it only last up to 30 minutes but during that time i feel fatigued . And finally my blood pressure seems high the systolic pressure is always within normal range its the diastolic that always above normal when i tested my blood pressure with a home blood pressure monitor today it was at 135 over 87 then when i tested it later on in the day it was 127 over 83 i have noticed in multiple test the diastolic seem to float around the mid 80's to 90's the highest i have seen is 133 over 99. The cardiologist does not see to think there is anything wrong with me I have another appointment this week to bring up the high blood pressure and the arrhythmia. The anxiety and stress are getting to me and i am just worried any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Hi, I have to say I agree with your cardiologist, the high p waves are not really an issue and are more than likely due to your size, age and fitness, as is the varying heart rate which is more than likely a sinus arrhythmia (something completely normal).

your bp is within normal limits and any rise you are notice is more than likely due to natural stressors during the day - coupled with the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

To sum it up, trust your doctors and try to relax a bit - you seem to be overly aware of everything and working yourself up for no particular reason. Unless something significant happens to make you worry ..... dont!