i am 22 years old. i just had a baby 5 months ago and since the day i had him i had a decently regular 4-5 weeks of postpartum bleeding according to my doctor. well i had 1 very regular period a month later. although "regular" for me is excessive bleeding like changing a super plus tampon every half hour, very painful time for me and it always last exactly 7 days. well my doctor says you should try going back on your birthcontrol to help control your period again. i have not been sexually active at all since having my son. but once i started my birthcontrol i went on the nuvaring, it worked like a charm, usually the pills i were on would make me have very light periods but they'd last for weeks and i'd be off my period for a week and back on it. so the nuvaring worked great. my second month of having nuvaring i started my period before removing the ring, so i followed my intructions to keep in it till the end of the last week. we'll i started getting super bad cramps while i was in walmart and i went home and removed my tampon and my nuvaring fell out. i had to retrive the ring from the toilet and there was a huge chunk of flesh colored yet bloody skin attached to it. my cervix must have been contracting to remove the flesh like object. it was little like 2 inches long and about a half and inch wide. in my opinion it looked like a hollowed out umbolical cord. what might have it have been? i'm alittle worried about it. is it normal to have any after birth 5 months later? if it helps i had to have a pholey bulb induction and something like that came out directly after the removed the bulb. but it was part of the cervix shedding according to my nurses due to the 1cm to 4cm in a short period. i also have HPV, it wouldn't have been something to due with that could it? i was disgusted and have yet to get in to my doctor to see what it might have been. i seen alot of doctors have replied to some peoples questions, hopefully you could put my mind at ease.