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Ever since I went through menopause I have had to struggle with a plethera of problems. Dry skin, dry hair, weight gain, especially around the belly and back. Mood swings, depression, anxiety ect... All of these symptoms seem to be mimicing other problems such as low thyroid and/or hypoglycemia. My doctor put me on hormones several times but each time I the meds made me 20 to 30 pounds..IN TWO MONTHS! and I spent a great deal of time, with no results, trying to get it off. Is menopause causing all of these crazy things to happen or is there something else that maybe my doctor hasn't caught?


Hi !-
I am 36 years old and a nurses aid.
Your story really took my heart ...being so young.
I am sure it is a frustating feeling.

With my experience of going through endometriosis.........

1. You could get your family involved - such as parents.
2. Do alot of research about conditions and meds.
Learn all you can about it. (It is your body)
3. Get your parents or a support person involved when doing the
research - This will help you and help them of what you may be
You can expereince depression being on different meds.
Which I did get depression....I got depressed not being able to somethings
I wanted to do or just sad that I had the stuff. (If you think about it that
is understanding)

Let me know how things are going,
Mrs. Buff



I empathize with you on the early menopause, and sudden weight gain issues. For years I had missed periods, sudden explained weight gain, fatique, facial hair, loss of hair on my head, acne, and the list goes on. I finally found out much later that I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). You can do a search on this, and come up with a lot of info. Their is also a site that many ppl with some of the problems you mention go for support and info, soulcysters. I hope you find an answer to your problems. God speed!