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Hi Everyone my name is Sheri. I reside in New Jersey.

After a few years of thinking I was in pre-menopause and doctor saying I was too young. After a few surgeries, etc. I finally convinced him to take my blood to confirm it. Very mad mood swings,, weight gain over a period of a year-- and no change in diet or activities, hot flashes, cold sweats,, PUT it this way anything that comes with MENAPAUSE i got it all!!

Now finally offical in MENOPAUSE at 41- started at 40.

The only thing I am really looking to seek relief from is the WEIGHT GAIN, i eat right and exercise,, ANYTHING out there there helps take the weight off again and control the water retention.

Any help would be appreciated.

New Jersey


This is just natural that women gain weight when they are in menopause, particularly around their abdomen.
What I can suggest is to eat low fat and high fibre diet, have regular exercises, and also you should tend to have some moderate physical activities around 30 minutes a day at least, this would surely boost your metabolism. What you must not do is having crash diets, ie drastically cutting down the amount of food you eat.
What you really should put the accent on is exercising as these are very vital for women in menopause. Exercise will help to burn the stored fat and it increases the proportion of muscle to fat in our bodies which is good as muscles need more calories than fat.
I would also advice to be in limits with candies and alcoholic drinks and include more vegetables and salads in your daily diet!
You should remember that dieting won’t solve the problem without the regular exercise, only these two combined can provide you with good results!


First, of course exercise is crucial in regard to weight mangement. However, if you are not feeling well, in pain, stomach bloat, etc it is extremely difficult to exercise ir even take a walk. I have been exercising consistently for 20 years. I have been a runner, aerobics, weight training etc and have lost alot of weight over the year and have maintained it. After being in a car accident, I went into menapause and blew up. Even after exercising, I will come home and have water retention ane worse bloat then before. Please do not keep telling women to excerise and watch their diet and things will be fine. That is not true andit makes them feel like a loser if they are not exercising and can sprial them down into worse depression and feeling hopeless and disgusted.
Hormones have to be balanced inorder to release the water retention and stomach bloat. Of course exercise is important but it is not the only ingredient in this problem. I am currently using herbs and creams.
There is a drug store called CAPE DRUGS in Ann Arundel county that makes NATURALdrugs to help all people with all health matters. You can call them and they will give you a doctor that deals with them and natural cures.
Again this is not an immediate cure it has to be adjusted etc with yuor doctor. Good luck