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I am a 49 year old women who 6 months ago looked and felt like a 29 yr old woman but since is deteriorating from intense depression, hot flashes, painful intercourse, etc. I stopped all exercise due to sheer exhaustion, which in turn has caused my body to hold on to weight and lose tone; just this symptom of weight gain alone is depressing enough. First, is there help for me to tackle the depression as naturally as possible so that I can feel like going to work on the other things?


I would suggest you tried acupuncture. Find an experienced acupuncturist that people speak well of and make an appointment. Acupuncture has been shown effective in treating hot flashes, anxiety and depression associated with menopause.

I know how you must be feeling but try to at least go for a walk if you don't feel like exercising. Make yourself go, look for support from either your spouse, children, siblings or be there for you and lift you up. It means a lot.