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I have article for you written myself on complications after sex:-

Generally sex is defined as the physical interaction between a male and a female. It is said to be the most desirable moment in an individual’s life. However there are many myths about sex and the complications after performing it. This is for the same that one should have a complete knowledge of all activities of sex before going through one. The government of India is also taking suitable steps to facilitate young minds on using protective methods for possessing safe sex.

However there were many recent controversies on whether sex education should be imparted in India or not? However majority of people believed that it will certainly end up in advancing our society but others claimed that it might disturb the concentration of young teens diverting their way of goal. But to be frank if sex education is not imparted then it might lead to many complications and ultimately lead to many incurable and hazardous diseases.

Some of these diseases are listed as follows:-

Pelvic inflammatory diseases:- Generally women suffer to this disease. It causes an infection in the upper genitals tract and reproductive organs such as the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are some of the most common STD’s which are responsible for spreading this disease. Women lying between age limits of 15-25 are the most commonly infected victims of these diseases. If excess douching is done it can lead to PID as it cleanses the naturally beneficial bacteria from the vagina of a woman.

Symptoms: - While ailing the PID, women can pursue excess pain during the sexual intercourse, sometimes burning and even fever.

Cures and precautions: - Some antibiotics are useful to cure the PID. But it is strongly prescribed to do regular medical checkups and if in any case the disease gets discovered proper medicinal treatment should be taken as PID is quite harmful in its later stages.

Gonorrhea: - This disease generally infects the sensitive tissues of an individual reproductive system. One can be at the risk of acquiring this disease through all types of sexual contacts and oral sex.

Indications: - There are very few indications of this diseases. This in fact makes it more difficult to find it and then cure it from transmitting it from one person to other during sexual intercourse.

Symptoms: - Symptoms are akin with that of Chlamydia so one can get confused to know which exactly is present among the two of them. The person experiences pain, burning, unusual discharge, fever and swelling while experiencing this disease.


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