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I know it is a pointless question to ask, but I am getting frustrated as I dont want to wait! I was having trouble with the pill and was making me vomit so had to stop it about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I have had unprotected sex a few times since then. The last week I have been feeling weird. I have nausea, period pains when my period is not due, lower back pains that are killing me, slight headaches, sensitive sense of smell, meat (which I love) is now making me feel sick and I am really tired all the time. I have been to the doctors and she suspected pregnancy but as my period is not due yet we can not test, its too early! My period is supposed to be due in the next 4 days but because I had to stop the pill half way through due to vomitting the doctor is not sure whether my period would come as normal! So what do I do? When shall I test? Am I pregnant? I dont want to get excited yet cause if I am not I will be disappointed but it feels like I am! What is going on?


And to add to that I keep going to the loo very frequently and cry for no particular reason, being very irritable and my mood swings are ''extreme'' (I cry for no reason and right the next minute I start laughing) at times.