My husband and I have been TTC for over a year now. So indeed we have had lots of sex. Problem is I am very sensitive to UTI and now this is the second month in a row that I has a UTI. Two months ago also my period only lasted 2 days instead of 4. I am normally like clockwork and last month my period was 2 days late. I did the first reponse the last to months with NEG both times. I still have burning pain that won't seem to diminish because I have a UTI.

So we tried again this month on the 22nd in the AM. My boobs have been super sore for a week and I have been crazy tired for a month. Last night I had uterus twinges most of the night. Just now I went to pee and there was a tinge of pink blood when I wiped.

I swear I feel like I am going crazy. I go back and forth between perhaps I am pregnant or perhaps I have something very wrong with me.

3 days ago I went to get a blood test but results won't be back until next Monday. What the heck is going on? Could I be pregnant? Anyone else experience this?