On Christmas night, I got sick. I had diahrrea and couldn't eat normal foods without feeling sick with either indigestion, gas, and/or acid reflux. It lasted about 4-5 days and went away around New Year's eve. On January 5th, I ate a lot and got sick that night, throwing up and getting chills. I actually made myself throw up because I felt so badly and couldn't stop burping. :$

The next day I hardly ate a thing. Monday morning I felt okay and got up to get ready for work, but when I took a shower, I passed out. I called in to work sick and went to see the doctor. He found blood in my urine and put me on Ciprofloxacin. I had extreme fatigue for the rest of the week and didn't return to work until the FOLLOWING Tuesday (the 16th).

I kept feeling sick on and off, nauseated at times, run down constantly, burping after every meal, and ate nothing but baked potatoes, chicken noodle soup, white rice, boiled chicken, applesauce, and toast with peanut butter. This lasted until February 16th when I stopped eating the peanut butter due to the recall. I brought the peanut butter to my doctor and he said he has serious doubts that I had salmonella poisoning, particularly because the Cipro should have treated it. I explained that even though the antibiotic treated it, I could have re-infected myself by continuing to eat the peanut butter. He didn't seem to agree, and he did no tests.

Within the next week, I started to feel better until I had some absolutely debilitating acid reflux on the 22nd. I have been taking Prilosec OTC for 4 weeks now and I use Gaviscon for my acid reflux.

I have been having horrible headaches which I attributed at first to the fact that I was caffeine dependent and stopped drinking coffee. (I used to drink a pot of black coffee every day.) But it has been 4 weeks since my last cup of coffee and the headaches prevail. I have lost 17 pounds. (I am 5'8" and went from a 194 to a 177 in 8 weeks.) I'm only 34 years old. I also experience tightness in my chest that usually subsides when I burp a few times.

I am still extremely fatigued and (a new symptom which I did not have until a few days ago) I ache all over.

I am seeing a GI doc on Fri to get an Endoscopy. I have serious doubts that he's going to find anything.

What is wrong with me?