I have been on the depo shot since my son was 6 weeks old and now he will be 2 yrs on the 22nd. I have had no problems on the shot. No weight gain and I always spot a little right before it's time for my next shot. No normal periods at all.
Just about a week ago I started spotting brown almost black blood.... not even enough to wear a pad or tampon. Plus I have been feeling sick to my stomach.... really nausious. I also had a fainting incident about two weeks ago when my boyfriends daughter busted her mouth and I saw the blood everywhere and that's not normal for me when it comes to blood.
I just had my last shot 4 weeks ago and am not due for another till mid august.
I will add I was on antibiotics 7 weeks ago for a upper respatory infection for 10 days. Plus I'm sexual active with my partner using no other forms of birth control. Could I be pregnant? I took a home pregnant test (clear blue) today and it said not pregnant. So what is wrong with me??