Started 9 days ago. Ihad a high fever for a few hours----chalked it up tonothing. That was Sunday....Monday I was fine...tired, but fine...Tuesday morning I woke up freezing and put on several layers of clothes and got a heating pad. Woke up with a bad headache and had to get MY BFF to drive my kids to school.

Wednesday...I think I was okay--again, just tired....unableto do much...chalked it up to being lazy. I get the April blues where it isn't march yet but isn't may yet and we get muggly gross weather.

Thursday...woke up with fever but no vommiiting, still, just the afternoons on all these days I was pretty much okay. I work on Fridays and made the decision not to this week. Boy amd I lgad I dd. I am a speech thearpist in a clinc and would have exposed all these kids to something possibly.

Saturday middle of teh night (friday) woke up shivering put on 5 layers of clothes and heating pad and had very high feverf. I know that is not what you are supposed to do, but my teeth were chattering so hard and I just wantec to go to sleep.

Saturday morning here comes the bad stuff...vommiing like crazy...couldn't even make it all the way into the bathroom---projectile poor hubs had to clean was awful..... and then I did ti agan and then he gave me a throw up bowl after that. Also had this killer headache frfom caffeine withdrawl. OMG that was worse than the throwing up. I tried to take a caffeione pill, but threw it up. SO I had phenergan called in for me (supps) amd also took one o fmy daughters zofran. Hey I was deserapte. It wokred...still felt nausea but not throwing up anymoe.

Next day (yesterday) same thing.....thorw up and then more pherngan. I just took sometonight before going to bed to maybe prevent anything fromj happing. Advil and tylenold tool

I have already had the flu this year along iwth my whole family---this seems worse....what couldit be????