Ok so i don't know whats wrong with me. I've been having this stuff in my throat for awhile now, and it seems like it is getting worse. I can feel this stuff in my throat everytime i swallow. Sometimes i can't. I am getting headaches, stomach pains, and i keep farting a lot. I'm really gassy. It also feels like i have diarrhea but last time i took a stool it was still solid. This stuff in my throat i am guessing is really thick that sometimes when i burp it doesn't come all the way up. This stuff in my throat makes me want to gag and vomit sometimes, but i haven't puked yet. I still eat, but everytime i do i get scared i will just puke it all up, since i have horrible anxiety and fear of vomiting. I am getting tired fast, like fatigue. Also, i can run short distances and lose breath very quickly. This stuff in my throat makes me have bad breath too and makes me nauseated. It's aggrevating!! anyone have any idea what i might have?