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Hi, i am 19 years old and cannot find out what is wrong with me.
Here are my symptoms.
For the last 3 months i wake up and puke every morning.
I have constant butterflies 24/7 for months now.
Ive lost 30 pounds in the last 3-4 months due to not eating much.
The last 4 days i havnt been able to eat anything. (I will try and eat things, but the food will sit in my mouth and i will just spit it out because i just feel so full.
sometimes when i will burp i will have an acidy taste in my throat and mouth.
I can never figure out what mood i am in. I will leave everyone that is around me and go to a quiet room to just try n figure out how i am feeling but i cant. (i will just sit and wonder what emotion i am having)
For the last 3 months i havnt been able to drink alcohol either.(i will have half a drink and puke for the rest of the night and the next day, its almost like it is poison to me. which is really weird because i had been a big drinker for at least 3-4 years now, worse last year. i was at the point where i was drinking all day every day.)
ive been having really bad self esteem lately too and it is weird becauce i used to be a happy person that loved life and myself but have found myself hating both lately
Over the last 3 years ive been under a lot of stress i didnt realize becuase i would block it out with a lot of alcohol and occasional drugs.
My parents split up.
My aunt that i am very close with and was pretty much another mother to me died this year from cancer.
me and my girlfreind that i was crazy about broke up
i failed out of school 2 years in row because all i cared about was getting messed up.
Ive became very dependant on marijuana since i havnt been able to drink because if i dont i will just think about things.
Ive been to 3 doctors now that havnt been able to figure anything out. ive been put on medicatuion for acid reflux and ulcers but they dont seen to be working. i have a catscan this afternoon to see if there is anything physically wrong with me.
I also have an appointment with a social worker this week.
if anyone has any ideas or help or stories they heard that sound like they now what is worng with me it would be very appreciated


short of the aunt and gf i am in the same f-n boat man.
im 22 male in south texas and ivr had those symptoms for as long as i can remember.
quit drinking and i am super dependant on reasl bad. i cant even eat without it. and its not a addiction to pot either.
every morning fort as long as i can remember no matter if i got drunk or ate or did niether before i went to bed, i wake up and puke till im horse and spitting blood.

im always dizzy and nauseated, i have and probly will always wiegh 120 and im 5'7" not that big. but nothing works at all. ive got atleast 60,000 in debt to local hospitals from having to go so often and all they doo is put liquids in me since ive puked so much i am now dehydrated.

i have never been so miserable in my life and i just got married.'
and its gotten so bad it almost ruined my honey moon and not out of embarresment out of anger cause it hurts so bad all the time i always snap and wanna scream.


Ive actually just googled for the symptoms and came across this page, myself am 19 from the Uk and have similar symptoms but not as bad as you guys, I do puke very often, more when I first wake up, I cant handle as much alcohol (well I do but I don't even have to be tipsy drunk to wake up next morning and be sick).
My problems originally started with a course of anti-biotics which in my mind I believe tore out my stomach lining, the symptoms of having a weaker stomach however have lingered with me since.
Regarding the self esteem issues, I have noticed that with me, though for a while ive been low self esteem, for the moment I sort of think I should be happier than I am but im not, like you had a gf who was crazy about and broke up with, also had another girl who i really liked but messed me about and didn't work out
At least I feel like im not the only one now, maybe its a possible side effect of how we feel mentally? All had hard times?


i have hade the same problem for two years now and i found what it is. THANK GOD. its called GASTROPRESIS hope this helps one of you


so its been a bit more then a year, im 23 now. i am still vomiting everyday, and very very ill.
ive been throught the whole food chain of doctors and medicine.

still nothing.

ive been diagnosed with gastritis, barretts disease and gerd.
but none of them are the reason.
i went from the er, to family doctors, to gastro doctors, to the most highley ranked specialist in texas.
still nothing.
ive been told i have every condition imaginable and then a thousand dollars later i dont.
everyone says your sick but no one says why.

i am still dependant on marijuana to eat. but do to its scarcity and police its been hard to come by.

i have taken every pill in every combination there is on the market from reglan to kapidex.
nothing fixes it just makes it slow down and repairs some damage.

im dying and i dont even know why.

i almost want to go to a hospital with a gun.

f**k america, f**k obama {nothing has "changed" like he promised and its almost been a year.}
and most of all f**k doctors who charge thousands of dollars that were not easy to come by, and still do nothing but send me somewhere else.

i cant get any help from anywhere.

im white, i have a penis and im in my 20's.
thos things automaticly diqualify me from getting anything.

foodstamps, medicar, social security nothing.


Hey man, Iam 18 years old and having some of the same stuff.. about 4/7 days of the week ill wake up in the morning and feel really nauseous after i stand out of bed... i immidiately goto the bathroom, sh*t and puke.. then my stomache is just aching nauseated for an hour - 2 hours after and im constantly gagging and puking, and it really hurts.. hope you find what your lookin for man


Im a 21 Year old White male. I became sick with all the same symptoms stated above when i was 19. For three months, i puked out of bed and in every trash at the office till about 2pm every day. i met a girl and started doin cocaine. the coke numbed my stomach and i could eat whatever i wanted and it would usually stay down. As the coke took over my life my sickness became the past, things started to look up. however i only lasted 6 months progressively uping my addiction. to the point i would have to sell half an oz a week so i could have my free half oz. I lost 40 lbs in the three months puking and 15 lbs during the 6 months doin coke and eating. My girl left. I freaked out and went back to school to try and impress her so shed come back. I also started the long CRAZY process of quitting cocaine. Its now been almost a year since she left and i been off coke for 8 months. but im getting sick again. Cocaine was no fix. it trashed my life and my body. I felt so sick after all that coke that puking isnt that bad anymore. Its the continuous nausia that dosent allow me to work. Im so twitchy, tense, paranoid, dizzy and lonely from malnuitrition and the drugs. Im trying to quit pot now and its making me sick. Im realy considering commiting to smoking weed for the rest of my life. I was feelin pretty good before starting to quit pot. I even gained my weight back and felt healthyish. except after quitting coke i get sever hives everywhere on my body. even in my eyes and throat. so now im living on zirtec and bud. I cant find a fix. Its hard enough to find a doctor without insurance. But when i do they wont treat me. They seem to never treat any of my family. they look down on me when i inform them of my pot addiction. i just want to get better or die already. Its been some years since my mom died and started the chain reaction of overwhelmingly stressful events in my life. After everything has happened and the way i feel, I believe 100% of my conditions are from stress. But now what? i cant live on zirtec and bud my whole life. Im not even old yet. can u imagine how much bull sh*t im going to have to put in my body to feel ok when im old. I just want to die but i dont believe in suicide. so here i sit waiting. i quit


hello i am 24 and have about all the same symptoms... i wake up every night and throw up until i am dry heaving. other than that i live a pefect life, go to the gym everyday, eat right and everything is fine. like everyone on this page smokes pot, so do i and also like everyone i stay under alot of stress, just bought a house, getting married just your every day BS. I have not yet been to my doc about this but i can tell all of you that all he will tell me is to go see a specialist and give me some sh*t for acid refulx, i dont know what is going on with us but i know it is no good. in my mind my body is shutting down if i cant digest food and get nutrients i am screwed. if any on ever finds anything out please put it back up on the post


Check the pancreas, I had the same problems you guys are reporting since I was 16.. i'm 25 now.

I took some digestive pills to put less pressure on my pancreas and it improved me by 75%


I am 22 and have the same issue but not quite as severe...
every morning, somtimes every other morning, i wake up with this giant pit on the top of my stomach. Its like im incredibly hungry, like to the point of puking hungry, but often times i have smashed a ton of food the night before so its not that...anyway I will usually take a poo and either heave or do a quick puke and be fine the rest of the day(somtimes tho i puke twice..). I too use to drink regularly (just for a buzz tho---hate being too drunk), and now if i even have a little bit (literally just a drink or two) im garunteed that the next morning will be an uncomfortable one, at least until i heave once. Somtimes it wakes me up, other times it happens an hour after i wake up. Ive never been a morning/breakfast person anyway, so eating is out of the question...i try alot, but usually just nibble at some toast or something because i have found that if anything hits my stomach, especially liquid, its like my body rejects it or some ish because it usually comes back up within a few minutes.

I think i have found the problem, may be the same for most of you minus the girls/grief/harder drugs----
the Herb.
I smoked once in a blue moon thruout high school, and then here and there with friends during college. I started smoking regularly this last december, and had smoked everyday(most of the time multiple times a day) since. The naseau in the morning (more so the giant "pit" feeling on top my stomach) started in about April.
however for the last few weeks instead of wake-n-baking with occasional hits or sessions throughout the day, i do what i need to do all day and stay productive, then reward myself with bowls in the evening.
Since i started toning it down, the pit is not as bad. I was worried for a while, but my best friend who has been puffing everyday since he was 17(22now) said he has it somtimes too...he said a fat rip of the dank held in relieves it immediately for him. Does for me too most times, which begs the question:


...or maybe its just the abuse of it, meaning smoking all day everyday for multiple days. My friend has read of the possibility that this uncomfortable morning feeling is your body's reaction to its need for THC, or maybe the habit of reintruducing it into your system all the time. Despite that idea, it may also just be all mental at this point for me.

All i know is that ive NEVER had this huge, too-big-for-hunger pit in my stomach EVERY morning (and somtimes it will persist into the afternoon!) until i started smoking chrons regularly.
Unfortunately, Im not planning to quit utilizing ms. jane, but when its used within reason the pit goes away. Its like natures way of saying quit abusing the gift, bra! haha anyway, hope that idea helps. Seems we all are involved in this similar activity...


the guy who said he thinks it was the weed causing it.. i highly doubt it. i am surrounded by people who smoke as much and more than i do, and i am the only one with this problem.

like this guy said "Hey man, Iam 18 years old and having some of the same stuff.. about 4/7 days of the week ill wake up in the morning and feel really nauseous after i stand out of bed... i immidiately goto the bathroom, s**t and puke.."

i feel the same way. however i also noticed someone said antiboitics can tear the lining on your stomach. WERE ANY OF YOU ON ANTIBOITICS AND DID YOU TAKE THEM CORRECTLY/ DIDNT DRINK ON THEM ? i was on a string of antibiotics for various infections and my doctor told me my stomach might get screwed up for good.. well i think he was right because about 3 days a week i wake up feeling the need to dry heave or puke whats in my stomach. a lot of days if i force food down my throat right after , ill feel fine once my metabolism gets mover however like mots people said its much easier to juts get ripped cause then ill be hungry.


guys im a 19 (almost 20) year old female and i have all of your symptoms. i just want it to go away. i smoke soooooo much weed its getting hard to afford, although easy to get. medical marijuana helps me feel less full of anxiety, as i have the butterflys at 4 in the morning which is right now. didnt know so many people felt the same way. it all seemed to happen after my life started seriously sucking tho. i think thats what most of us have in common...the doctors all say mind over matter cause they dont know how to fix us. you need to learn how to meditate. I wake up at 3/4 am every morning without fail. smoke weed for about 2 hrs and then finally i am able to sleep. the thing that keeps me up so early is the gnawing nauseous feeling in my stomach. I feel so empty and sick every morning. it all started a little over a year ago when i broke up with my bf of basically 5 years. i forced myself to get an abortion and make a clean break. i've lost some weight (which is really bad because i only weighed 98 lbs to begin with) and now i'm down to the mid 80s. always look tired, f**k i hate the bags under my eyes, my ass got skinnier and i used to get compliments ..not anymore. i know i'm not as bad as you guys but i do know how it feels not to be able to function and having people looking down on you for medicating on a daily basis. since i learned to get to a level of meditation, and i can only reach it sometimes, i have been able to have peace of mind for at least minutes which greatly reduces the stress that triggers my gag reflex and bowels. if anyone finds further relief i'd love to know about it. have been considering hypnotherapy...i dont want to give up yet.


Maybe you guys/girls just need to get over the drama from your past, RELAX, and move foward. Stop the drugs (ALL OF THEM- Marijuana is NOT that great anyways) and ignore the emotions (or, no emotions). Maybe it's as simple as your body telling you that you need to put it under less stress, and stop with all the bad things, such as the marijuana and other drugs and drinking. The only thing I Drink A Lot of everyday, is Mountain Dew. I don't do any sort of drugs, or drink lots of alcohol and I ignore the drama around me which puts me under less stress. Try that. Or....

Maybe you can try some of these methods that pregnant women use to keep the puking down:

(If you scroll down there are lists of what Not to eat/drink and what To eat/drink-But then again, it's just a Guildline) Always worth a try though.

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Guys, the first and most important thing to understand is that all of these symptoms you are suffering from are Mentally induced. I am a 22 year old male. I recently just went through hell and back while studying for my university examinations. I puked every morning for 3 months. The smell of stomach and blood was overpowering. I lost weight and my appetite. I lost the colour in my skin and in my eyes. I became incredibly indecisive and even the simplest of tasks (shopping) seemed like climbing mount everest. I considered jumping out the window or off various bridges. I refused to get out of bed. I had uncontrollable shaking fits where i felt so alone. I had panic attacks which made me numb and i cudnt breathe. I did terrible and immoral things to my friends. I was impatient and desperately unhappy?

Sound bad? It is so incredibly simple to cure. How is it that the second my examinarions were finished i was completely and utterly back to normal? Because it is ALL mental!!

What you need to do is first learn to control your emotions. Buddhism/Meditation/mindfulness are some words that are certainly worth googling and looking into in depth. These concepts, when truly understood, will change your life forever !! Eckhart tolles the power of now is an excellent starting point.

The main thing to understand is that your mind is not a separate entity from the physical you. You are not posessed by a demon that controls your thinking. You can be in complete and utter control of both your mind and body. Meditation teaches you to quiet your mind. To control the vouce in your head. Once the mind is quiet, you stop creating all of the terrible negative energy that causes you to puke!!

I really appreciate this blog being started up by the creator. It will help those currently suffering to realise that suffering does not need to occur anymore. You can go see as many doctors as you like. But at the end of the day, the doctor only cures the symptoms of the problem. The problem is the inability to control your emotions and your mind. Once you have overcome this problem source all symptoms like puking will go away, as they have for me.


Im 14 years old, my symptoms seem really close to your I throw up almost every morning, only in the mornings, and when I do eat I can't eat very much because I get full really fast. I'm really scared because I'm already really skinny and don't eat enough and now I'm puking nearly everyday. I don't know what's wrong with me I don't drink or do drugs , I have no idea why I'm like this.