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So I have been puking after I eat for a year now. However I don't have symptoms. My stomach feels like its going to puke and it does. I don't force myself to puke either . I have no idea what wrong with me. Help me?



feeling nauseus after every meal is something that you need to take very seriously! You can't say you don't have any symptoms - your symptoms are nausea and vommiting after meals. Did you notice this happening more often or less often after you eat certain types of food? Or does it happen no matter what you eat, even if it something not fatty, acidic or too heavy?

You feel nauseous and vomit after meals when your stomach is either producing too much or too less acid, or when you have problems with your gallbladder. Either way - you are not getting the nutrients you need for your body to function properly and you need to see the doctor as soon as you can.