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i was just 14 ,when i erect SOME WHITE LIQUID coming out non stop
the white liquid comming out for 1 year ,After beinging kick at my testis by my friend when i go home
watch porn it start to came out and my testis being smaller and smaller.
Plese help me to stop it and say what is it?
I am not dare to masturebad ?
after i do how can stop coming out sperm ?



The whitish liquid that you see oozing from your erect penis is not a problem.
This fluid is commonly called "pre-cum" in this country. It is a neutralizing emission that the body releases when a man becomes erect and highly aroused. It's purpose is to neutralize the ph in the urethra in preparation for sperm to be ejaculated during orgasm. It also acts as a termendous natural lubricant during intercourse. But you'll notice that it doesn't last long in the open air. It becomes tacky and sticky when exposed to air. When deposited in a vagina or in your hand or inside a condom, it helps to lubricate the head of the penis and makes intromission easier. (entering the vagina).

It is probably NOT sperm, though the whitish color may make you think that it is. Don't worry about "loosing" it. You'll make more. It's a sign that you're highly aroused. And it's usually released shortly before climax... but it could be present without ejaculating.

Note that you see it when you are erect...when you are watching porn and before sperm comes out.
It won't hurt to masturbate when you see it come out.