Hello everyone,great board. I am 27 years old male.

- I had hemorrhoids for 6 years, as well as varicoceles in my testis, it appears to be genetic since many relatives on my mom's side got hemorrhoids and varicoceles.
- Ever since my hemorrhoids got larger and more painful,my ejaculations were not easy,where I had to lift my left testis in order to achieve ejaculation,urologists,would usually laugh at this whenever I mentioned it. Also,whenever I had a prolapsed hemo,having an erection was a relief,I guess because blood flows to the penis,I don't know what was going on,but doctors thought it was a placebo,I don't think so.
Now,after I've done my hemorroidectomy ,guess what happened? My erections are much stronger,and I can ejaculate without having to lift the testis!

- I had a hemorroidectomy 10 days ago. Thank God,not much pain,discharge. But the few first week,my bowl system went wack!

- My first BM was a breeze since it was all liquid, on the third day, it was hell!!!! It was soft and lean and perfect,but my anus is very narrow,the stool is very narrow and really hard to pass. I can't defecate unless I'm in the squatting position,my whole legs start shacking while trying to poop it out,after I am done,I am all shivering and sweating and tired,I have to take some pain killers and go to sleep.

- This BM agony stopped yesterday,I don't sweat or have legs shacking,but anus is very narrow and I can only barely pass small pieces,after near-coma straining.

1. Is there a relation between Hemorrhoids and Varicoceles?Of course you would say,weak blood vessels ,due to genetics,I'm asking about having a hemorrhoid or muscles pressure the sperm duct or the testis making the ejaculation hard?It did feel like sperms were not able to get out of the testis unless I lift it up and support it.

2. I have went to the doctor three days ago,he said surgery is good,just keep on fiber diets,exercise anus and I would not have any problems,he said it is healing,just a matter of time.Next check up is after two weeks,he said if still narrow,then he'll do a procedure. My concern is,I didn't defecate today which is mostly yesterdays meals,and I have ate today,so more feces will build up,while the old "load" will harden,even while taking a laxative,having a constipated-hard stool being fist to go out,while having a bulk of liquid like stool will create problems,I took two pills of laxative ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed
Do I have to wait two weeks to see if the muscle relaxes and it heals? I am eating right,but still it is painful,everh time I strain I think I'll get anal fissure or pop out another hemo. Because of squatting my shin bones hurt and leg muscles are sores

3. is it a good idea to use finger to dilate while defecating? tried it,no luck,felt like but the Sphincter tissue will tear

4.Is it a good idea to take a pain killer and muscle spasm relief med,it has Chlorzoxazone 250 mg, Paracetamol 300 mg , will it make the Sphincter muscle relax?The med says it is for skeletal muscles,but what the heck?Maybe it will only help with the sore legs.

You know,being and staying healthy,has become my priority,I've been overweight my whole teenage years and college,and I regret it badly!I lost 60 pounds in the last 2 years,hoping for 30 more :)

thank you all!