My name is Lisa, I'm 22week pregnant and wanted to know when my breast milk is supposed to start leaking? I was in a car accident about 5 months before i became pregnant and suffered a broken sternum, a few detached ribs, punctured lungs and the worst both of my mamory arteries severed. Only to discover that I'm pregnant and my worst fear may come true, that is 'if I'm unable to breastfeed?"

So my question is clear, my Obgyn suggests that, "we'll just have to wait and see." But I've been reading and a very explicit book called "What to expect when expecting" is very informative but I'm still curious if i could or not. Because I love the fact that I'm going to be a mommy but also would like to breastfeed if I'm able to.

please get back to me
~lisa %-) %-)