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I am a healthy female who has periods like clockwork. I had a normal period on the 10th of december and it lasted a week. After i came off my period me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and so i took the morning after pill. The pill brought my period forward and i had a period on the 1st jan for around 5days. Since then i have been having unprotected sex eith my boyfriend most nights. Now im confused as to when my period is actually due again. Will i be due on the 1st or on the 10th? I need to know as i need to do a pregnancy test but dont know which date to go off. Would appreciate any advice and comments thankyou.


Hi JP,

You can't really say.  One of the side effects of the morning after pill is that your period can be early, late, heavy or light.  It may take a few cycles to "settle" back down.

Wait at least two weeks after having sex before you test.